Quasix - A UNIX®-like OS for AXP/PPC/x86

Current Stable Release - 0.3.0
Current Development Logs - Alpha
Current Build Logs for PPC and x86

Project Goals
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* Tue Jun 05 2007 Jason Kaufman <jkaufman@quasix.org> 0.5.0

Quasix Extras 0.5.0 has built on Alpha. Among the major updates are Gnome 2.18,
KDE 3.5.7, and X.org 7.2. A total of 314 packages were built.

* Sat May 26 2007 Jason Kaufman <jkaufman@quasix.org> 0.5.0

Quasix Core 0.5.0 has built on Alpha! This includes a binutils-,
glibc-2.6, and gcc-4.2.0 toolchain running on Linux-2.6.21. The inclusion of
Extras will begin shortly as well as development of 0.5.0 on ppc and x86.

* Sat Mar 24 2007 Jason Kaufman <jkaufman@quasix.org> 0.5.0

While 0.4.x was never publicly released for a number of reasons, work on 0.5.0
has begun, with the addition support for the Alpha architecture (21164 and
21264), since the project has recently acquired access to an API Networks CS20
Alphaserver. We are looking to build around Linux 2.6.21 once it becomes

* Sat Mar 25 2006 Jason Kaufman <jkaufman@quasix.org> 0.4.0

Core RPMs for Quasix 0.4.0 on PPC and x86 will be posted soon. In
addition, I have compiled a wealth of extras for both x86 and PPC.
However, due to bandwidth and disk space limitations, posting all of them
here is not an option.

Update: Some unexpected dependency problems with rpm-4.4.5, namely, the
fact that not all libtool dependencies for every package are properly
exported, have caused a delay in the release of 0.4.0. All packages will
need to be rebuilt to work around this problem.

* Wed Feb 16 2005 Jason Kaufman <jkaufman@quasix.org> 0.3.0

Core RPMs for Quasix-0.3.0 on PPC and x86 have been posted here. rpm2cpio
them to a new partition, configure /etc/fstab,
/etc/sysconfig/{clock,network}, set a password for root, configure a
bootloader, and you're ready to go. An installer is in the planning
stages, but the Core RPMs will be kept in sync with major changes in
toolchain packages such as glibc, binutils, gcc, and the kernel. Source
RPMs are available upon request; they're not included here because of
inadequate bandwidth and storage resources.


Quasix is currently a Linux-based OS that provides a stable core system
for experienced Linux users. Quasix is distributed in binary form via RPM.
A repository of RPMs will be maintained for the current Quasix release.

The core of Quasix is adapted from LFS and DIY-Linux, great assets to the
Linux community. Without them, Quasix may not exist; we appreciate their
hard work.


Quasix is under heavy development, but aims to meet the following goals:

1. Ship with a stable toolchain.
2. Every Quasix build will be able to rebuild itself and the next version.
3. Supported applications will be kept to a minimum for each application type.
4. RPMs will only be supported for the current Quasix release.
5. Focus on being compatible with Alpha 21{1,2}64, PowerPC G3/G4/970(G5) and
6. Be portable to other kernels ({Free,Net}BSD, Darwin, etc.) so that if it
   is desirable to move away from Linux it can be done easily.
7. Be LSB-compliant.

Also see an explanation of these goals.


Architecture Support

- Currently supports i686 and PowerPC (Apple "NewWorld" G3/G4 systems)
- Alpha and SPARC support is planned for a later date.

LSB Compliance

- NOT LSB-compliant at this time

Build Environment

AXP: Dual-833MHz 21264B API Networks CS20, 2GB of RAM; from Alpha Core 3
PPC: Dual-1GHz G4 Apple PowerMac, 1GB of RAM; from Quasix-0.4.2
x86: Intel Core i7 930 @ 2.8GHz, 12GB of RAM; from Quasix-0.6.0

...inquiries or if you'd like to join the development mailing list: jkaufman@quasix.org...