Quasix System Overview

What Makes up Quasix

- RAMdisk Environment (Quasix-RD)
- Installer
- Core System
- Optional Packages

RAMdisk Environment

Quasix's RAMdisk environment is comprised of binaries that are dynamically
linked against a small libc. The idea is to have Quasix's installer and
rescue system use the same environment, so the ability of the environment
to handle execution from read-only media is key. Currently the RAMdisk
environment includes BusyBox, bzip2, curl, and uClibc.


Quasix doesn't have an installer yet, but it will. The console version will
most likely be Bourne-compatible initially. Later we would like to use
Anaconda for both the console and X. The primary purpose of the installer is
to set up the system and not to present 1.6e23 options for installing packages.
Two options for installation will be presented: Core and Core + Optional. The
business of wading through 1000s of packages for the ones the user wants wastes
an amount of time that far outweighs the disk space required to install
everything. Don't like it? Use one of the quasix-utils to easily uninstall what you
don't want.

Core System

The core system is made up of console-only applications necessary for obtaining
and building Quasix optional packages. A Quasix release may be solely comprised
of the core.

Optional Packages

Optional packages include everything distributed with Quasix that isn't the
RAMdisk or core system, e.g. X and X-based apps.

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