Quasix Project Goals

1. Ship with a stable toolchain.

Our highest priority is to ship with a toolchain that's reliable and stable. The
quality of a distribution heavily requires on the quality of the toolchain used
to construct the system.

2. Every Quasix build will be able to rebuild itself and the next version.

This demonstrates and verifies the quality of the toolchain and the system

3. Supported applications will be kept to a minimum for each application type.

We can hear the crying already; too bad, because this is not going to change.
This will cut down on system compile times, system size, and conflicts between
packages. And the user will get what we have deemed to be the best apps the
open source community has to offer. Don't question it. Of course this
doesn't mean that *you* can't get your hands dirty and package the software
you want; we're just not going to do it for you.

4. RPMs will only be supported for the current Quasix release.

We simply do not have the resources to keep track of older releases. Besides,
legacy support sucks.

5. Focus on being compatible with PowerPC G3/G4/970(G5), and i{5,6}86.

PowerPC is the highest priority. There simply are no distributions committed
to putting out stable *and* up-to-date releases for PowerPC nowadays (yes, that
includes Debian, Fedora, and Yellow Dog). Debian is stable but out-of-date,
Fedora is somewhat current but unstable, and Yellow Dog is out-of-date and not
free (not free for new releases but free after a month or so).
Ugh x86, when will you do us all a favor and DIE? While it would be nice to
not support it at all, everyone has a ghetto 2-week-old Athlon XP 200000+ Pro
W@W@W box someplace for playing games or other non-constructive activities.

Alpha, MIPS, and SPARC would be nice to support if we could get our hands on
some newer hardware, e.g., Alpha 21264, MIPS R10k, UltraSparc IV.

6. Be portable to other kernels ({Free,Net}BSD, Darwin, etc.) so that if it
   is desirable to move away from Linux it can be done easily.

Note: this was a goal long before the stupid soap opera with SCO started. The
state of software changes all the time and eventually something better than
Linux will come along. Quasix needs to be prepared if that ever happens.

7. Be LSB-compliant.

We've got a ways to go on this, but we get closer with each release.

...inquiries: jkaufman@quasix.org...

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