Building Quasix Yourself


Quasix uses a set of Bourne-compatible shell scripts, simple configuration
files, and RPM to build a system from source. Formerly, Quasix used a CMI
(Configure, Make, Install) method to build everything and obviously what
often resulted when things went awry was a sloppy mess.

Getting Started

First, you'll need to have an empty partition about 10GB in size. I'd suggest
making a partition or two on a hard drive that has nothing worth saving.
Currently, Quasix has about 1GB worth of sources. You'll need to obtain these
or download your own. Contact me for a DVD-R containing the sources if you'd
like the official sources and RPM specs Quasix uses. The structure of the
source tree, hereafter known as "SOURCES", is as follows:

SOURCES/<package_name>/<package_version>/ (e.g. SOURCES/gcc/3.4.3/)

In each "package_version" subdirectory is everything RPM needs to build the
package: sources, RPM spec, patches, config files, etc. The only constraint
here is that the spec MUST be named in the form "<package_name>.spec" (e.g.
gcc.spec). The structure is not going to change anytime soon, and it has
been hard-coded into the build scripts. Refer to the RPM Guidelines for more
detailed information on Quasix-ifying your RPM specs.

Configuring Quasix from qsx.conf

Quasix Home